Live Online Proctoring

If you are looking for a proctoring solution, Invigulus can help. Secure, convenient online proctoring that meets the learner when and where they are.  

Secure, 24/7 Live Online Proctoring

Whether the test is for their initial license or a renewal, our solution addresses all your needs and the requirements of state laws and rules. 

No IT Headaches

No downloads, integrations or learning management systems are needed. 

easy scheduling

Our Proctors are on-demand and available when test takers need them.  

Best-In-Class Security

With multiple cameras and a live proctor on the other end, we make sure only the right person is taking the exam. This gives our clients the peace of mind to know they can trust our solution. 

Multi-Camera Monitoring

We are able to provide an extra layer of security to make sure no funny business is happening. 

US Based ProctorS 

All of our Proctors are based in the United States and available on demand. 

Our Features

No Downloads

No downloads are needed by the test taker, providing a seamless experience on test day. 

No Scheduling

Our Proctors are available on-demand. No more hassle when test takers are ready to take the test.

No Integrations

We are compatible with whatever test system you use. No API needed, just sign up and we turn on. 

Multi-Camera Security

One camera is great, but more is better. This leads to added peace of mind when a test is proctored. 

Affordable Pricing

We work with you to get the most out of your budget – no matter how big or small. 

Increase Assessment value

Our solution improves the value of your assessment by meeting or exceeding accrediting standards. 

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To improve lives and empower people on their educational journey.